Fast-Paced Tour versus Slow-Paced Traveling Style in Iran

fast-paced and slow-paced travelers
A group of like-minded travelers together at the dinner table
Like-Minded People & Their Traveling Style in Iran
A group of travelers with the same traveling style in Iran, having dinner together.

Some people prefer a fast-paced tour while others enjoy a slow-paced tour. Your traveling style in Iran could be different. What you read here is from my experience of traveling with international clients and organizing trips for them. I recommend you to read this post before you choose your traveling style.

Generally, the people who plan to take a tour to Iran won’t do it without any preparation. They study a lot and explore the possible channels to learn about the country beforehand. When they realize the richness of history and culture, they plan their tours. Now, based on their favorite traveling style and character, they go for their ideal plan or itinerary.

Fast-Paced Traveling Style in Iran: Who’s It for?

A tour with fast-paced traveling style in Iran
A group of fast-paced travelers visiting an ancient temple in Iran

Apart from individual travelers, there are some tour operators in Iran who design tour packages, which sometimes aren’t based on hands-on experience! Yes, you’ve got it right. This happens sometimes. Of course, sometimes the tour designer himself/herself has got a similar character and prefers to see a lot in a short period of time too. The result will be a tour that’s filled with lots of attractions for you to visit.

The result of choosing such a package and traveling style in Iran, your tour experience will be full of places for a very short time. For you as a traveler, who wants to see as much as possible, the outcome will be to see a lot of amazing things one after another in a week or two. Iran is capable of offering a lot of new things everyday even for more than two weeks!

Such a tour could make you exhausted if you’re not fit, young or energetic, because it requires a lot of stamina, road trips, domestic flights, long days and short rest. You can also add to it climatic differences like extreme heat or cold if you don’t travel in proper season.

Another thing you may miss on such trips will be to lose the spirit of a place. If you really want to grasp the spirit of a place, you have to spend time in that place. You have to mingle with the local people, see their everyday lives, chat with them, work with them, learn from them and so on.

Slow-Paced Traveling Style in Iran: Who’s It for?

A tour with slow-paced traveling style in Iran
A group of slow-paced travelers having a picnic lunch in Iranian style.

This is another traveling style for those who are different from the previous group. They also have different preferences and follow different traveling style. These people study and explore to learn about Iran as a relatively unknown destination too. They may even scrutinize more into the culture and history.

Again, as local tour operators are concerned, there are some who rely on their experts who have first-hand experience of the places they include in their itineraries and even traveled there themselves. In addition, if they are of the same character, they plan slow-paced tours for like-minded travelers.

The result will be less sightseeing as far as tourist attractions are concerned, but more going down into the spirit of the place. By the spirit of the place, I mean a deeper understanding of the culture and history of where they are visiting. Such a mentality believes that less is more. At the end of the tour, you may have visited fewer sites, but you’ve learned more deeply. You feel what it likes to live in Iran, to be an artist, craftsman, athlete, business owner, employee, etc in Iran.

Such a tour isn’t only for those who are less young, less fir or less energetic. You could be quite ready to take a fast-paced tour as well, but you prefer to take a slow-paced tour in Iran. The reason is more about your preferences. You stop and look around you. You sit and get involved in the challenges of the everyday life of a local person.

You may miss other sites, attractions, cities, villages, etc. However, you choose this traveling style as it is what you like best.

Which Traveling Style Is Better for You?

It’s a matter of choice for the travelers to choose this or that style. You just need to make sure your tour operator in Iran understands your preference as well. Make sure you go through the itinerary and ask them if you can travel the way you prefer or not.

Sometimes, it’s quite easy to see if a tour plan is mainly focused on visiting several attractions or on visiting fewer sites. However, it’s important to know the distances, look for the domestic flights and see why they’re included. If fewer places are included in your itinerary, ask what sort of activities will happen there. If nothing specific is arranged, ask for more experience if possible.

Which One Do You Prefer?

If you have any comments or questions about the traveling style in Iran, please make sure you inform us by sharing your views below here!

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