Medical Tourism in Iran

Medical Tourism in Iran by Iran Surgery
Medical Tourism in Iran by Iran Surgery
Medical Tourism in Iran by Iran Surgery
Medical Tourism in Iran by Iran Surgery
According to “Destination Iran” and following the “Iran Surgery” website, medical tourism in Iran is a well-developed field in which highly skillful staff in certain hospitals are prepared to offer world-class services to all who are interested. You will discover more about this and related details below here:

Medical tourism is rapidly becoming a worldwide, multibillion-dollar industry. Medical tourism in Iran has witnessed a growing trend in recent years in a way that the privilege of traveling to Iran for health care services has become accessible to many people, benefiting them in variety of ways. The reasons patients travel to Iran for treatment vary, one of the most important factors is the low cost of treatment, stemming from a sharp decline in the Iranian currency in recent years.

Advantages of Medical Tourism in Iran

The benefits of choosing Iran as a medical tourism destination are as follows:

  1. High-quality customer services
  2. The affordable treatments
  3. A wide range of tourist attractions
  4. Experienced and skilled surgeons
  5. Professional service providers (medical tourism companies in Iran) preparing the ground for high-quality treatments.

Medical Tourism in Iran

Falling value of Iran’s national currency in 2020 has made Iran the cheapest country in the world for medical tourism. Experienced Iranian surgeons and modern hospitals on the one hand and Iran’s historical and tourist attractions, on the other hand have made Iran one of the most attractive places for medical tourism in 2022.

In 2022, you have various types of plastic surgery in Iran at affordable prices, including liposuction, rhinoplasty, heart surgeries, hair transplant, cancer treatment (prostate or uterine cancer treatment), eye surgeries (LASIK or corneal transplant), and orthopedic surgeries.

Facial Plastic Surgery
Facial Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgical procedures throughout the world. And Iran appears to be the nose job capital of the world, with as many as 200,000 people a year going under the knife. Research by the Rhinology Research Society of Iran in co-operation with America’s Johns Hopkins University found the rate of nose jobs per capita in Iran was seven times that of the US.

Due to the high demand and low cost of rhinoplasty in Iran, thousands of people travel to Iran every year to undergo rhinoplasty in Iran (nose job in Iran) with experienced and skilled rhinoplasty surgeons at an affordable and reasonable price.

Nose Job Surgery
Nose Job Surgery

Is it Safe to Visit Iran as a Tourist?

Providing a safe and secure environment for foreign tourists and giving them the opportunity for safe sightseeing, should be considered as the first and most basic need.

Despite the engineered picture projected in the mainstream media, Iran has always been safe for tourists. Almost any tourist who travels to Iran is astonished by the contradiction which exists between the real Iran and the image of this country in the mass media.

Iran has a unique combination of a healthy and pleasant climate, wonderful scenery, magnificent historical and cultural monuments as well as cutting-edge technology, and sophisticated medical equipment.

From the scenic nature to more than hundreds of cultural sites provide people with enough incentive to want to know more and visit Iran.

Well-Experienced Specialists and Doctors

Iran has a unique range of skilled medical staff. Medical specialists and sub-specialists in the country are highly-qualified professionals and are supported by well-trained paramedics and sophisticated medical equipment. The nursing service in Iran is also highly qualified. Further, the Iranian health tourism system is constantly supported by extensive medical research.

Well-equipped Healthcare Centers

The quality offered by hospitals and clinics in Iran is as high as in many developed countries. In fact, Iranian hospitals are the best hospitals in the Middle East and the world due to their advanced technologies and modern scientific techniques.

In order to improve the quality and continuous improvement of medical services, Hospitals in Iran are taking into account the requirements of the standard of accreditation, safety, and the international standard of ISO 9001, so all the doctors, managers, and staff of the Iranian hospitals are committed to meet the quality and safety objectives associated with them.

Iranian Surgery, Medical Tourism Company

Iranian surgery website is an online medical tourism platform in Iran, aiming to help people all around the globe to receive quality healthcare services as well as offer patients medical consultation. In fact, it is a user-friendly online website providing people with lots of useful information about the best hospitals and surgeons in Iran.

The mission of Iranian Surgery is to put international patients in direct contact with Iranian-based medical centers through a user-friendly online platform. After the online submission of medical records patients will receive feedback and treatment recommendations from medical experts inside Iran without the need to travel. Treatment plans will be finalized after the follow-up physical examinations.

Iranian Surgery is one of the best medical tourism companies in Iran, offering high-quality healthcare services to international patients.

For more information, please visit the following site:

iraniansurgery. com/en/

Source: ILNA

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