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Sliding Door Air Flow System in Iranian Hospitals
Sliding Door, Air Flow System
According to “Destination Iran” and following the “Med & Tech” website, operating rooms’ sliding door and proper airflow system are essential in modern hospitals. You will learn more about this below here.

The modern operating room has special standards and equipment that can eventually be used for a proper surgery. The conditions that exist in the architecture and construction of a modern operating room must be designed in such a way as to significantly increase its efficiency.

In the same way, the equipment in the operating room should be selected of the modern type so that there is no limit to their use and maximum efficiency of this equipment is provided. In fact, the modern operating room is designed to be patient-centered so that the actions to be taken care of in the best possible way to treat and improve the patient.

An operating room that has appropriate standards for hygienic procedures and is prepared in a sterile manner to minimize the risk of infection for the patient in difficult conditions is considered a modern operating room. The operating room is one of the most important parts of the hospital and therefore is considered as one of the costly parts in the implementation of the hospital construction project.

However, the advancement of technology has led to the application of various changes in the architecture and design of the operating room space and the use of modern equipment for this part. In a modern operating room, appropriate equipment is used for anesthesia. However, an operating room with principles in design and execution as well as various sources has a significant impact on the surgical process.

In a modern operating room, quantitative and qualitative indicators follow appropriate criteria, which are principles, and due to the fact that treatment patterns have changed significantly, the need for an advanced and modern operating room is felt.

In a modern operating room, dimensional criteria, as well as communication with other departments, are designed according to special rules. Since this part has unique properties, in fact, it should be in a way that satisfies the patient and surgeons in terms of various physical characteristics.

The implementation of standard principles for a modern operating room has been revised and new technologies have been used to design it. These standards are fixed and changes may be made in their implementation depending on the conditions of each operating room.

For a good operating room, ventilation should be designed in the best possible way and away from other parts of the hospital where there is more traffic. In fact, the design and creation of multiple conditions should be in such a way as to make this part as useful as possible. In addition, the operating room has different parts, each of which interacts with each other in the best possible way in the implementation of a modern operating room.

Utilizing Modern Equipment in the Operating Room and the Infection Room.

Criteria and standards for creating favorable conditions in a good operating room are important principles in the implementation of this section. In order to make the best use of the operating room space, the equipment is used in such a way that it is connected to the ceiling to make the best use of the available space.

Finally, maintaining patient safety during anesthesia is one of the priorities of using modern and advanced equipment. In a modern operating room, there is no news of worn tissue and old equipment, and in this section, facilities have been used that meet the need of surgeons to perform a successful surgery in critical situations.

Modern Equipments in Operating Rooms

Sliding door of the operating room with a special design is one of the features that have been considered in the design of the operating room for its ease of use. Since the traffic in the operating room is round the clock, it should be designed so that you can make the most of health issues.

The hospital’s sliding door is considered a type of automatic door that has been produced and supplied. In fact, the use of these doors with special features has made it easier to travel to the operating room to satisfy patients and staff in the best possible way.

In addition to the sliding door of the operating room, automatic sliding doors are used for other parts of the hospital in order to observe the health issues at the highest possible level. There are different types of operating room sliding doors, each of which has high strength against various factors such as impact and optimizes hygiene and also significantly increases traffic control.

Each of the sliding doors has features that distinguish it from other parts. To design the sliding door of the operating room, care must be taken to maintain its strength and durability in the best possible way.

Optimal Features for Sliding Door Design

One of the unique features of the operating room sliding door is that it has lead layers so that they have the necessary resistance. The presence of lead layers for automatic doors of parts such as radiology is a necessity because it prevents radiation from spreading outside the room.

Sliding doors should be of high quality and since there may be a lot of traffic there, high quality and powerful motors should be used for design so that the possibility of using these doors, in the long run, will not be a problem.

In the design of this type of door, durable glass is used and must be installed and executed in such a way that the principles are observed in them and the door is designed and executed in a balanced way. The sliding door of the operating room must have the highest possible quality standards in terms of the parts used in it.

Another important feature of an operating room sliding door is that it must be insulated against factors such as noise and pollution in order to provide the best possible performance.

Since these doors are designed and implemented to isolate the interior of the operating room from other parts of the hospital, quality materials must be used to build them. High speed is important for the design of these doors and due to their structure, they occupy little space in the hospital environment, so they are considered suitable doors.

Optimal Performance of Operating Room Sliding Door

There are different types of sliding doors, each of which will be considered for installation in a specific area. The security features designed for these doors are in accordance with certain standards so as not to cause problems in their use.

Since these doors are controlled remotely, all entrances and exits can be considered in any part of the hospital, in this case, security will be increased in all parts that have automatic sliding doors.

Or sliding door is often made of metal and its structural features are such that it is antibacterial and anti-crime in order to observe high hygiene principles for each section, especially the operating room.

Finally, with a suitable design for the sliding door, we will have an isolated operating room, which is more hygienic than other parts of the hospital. Because surgeries are performed in this section, high-quality special doors are used to prevent the entry of various factors that increase the possibility of infection and contamination in the interior.

Laminar Air Flow

Calm air flow, as well as air conditioning, are among the most important conditions for creating a hygienic and sterile environment. Since there may be contact with pollutants for different parts in different environments, in order for an environment free of any kind of pollution and dust to appear and hygienic things to be done in the best possible way, it is necessary to have a gentle air flow to be established in the environment.

By creating an air conditioning system that is designed in a principled way, the risks that may exist in dealing with pollutants can be significantly reduced. Hospitals are among the places where designing and implementing an air conditioning system that meets the required standards in every way is considered a necessity.

Therefore, the quiet air flow system that is considered in the operating room with an air curtain can significantly increase the efficiency of the system. Finally, the system of quiet air flow and air conditioning should be such that ventilation is done properly and air enters the rooms at a certain speed.

If a quiet air flow system is designed that flows from the ceiling to the floor to create a positive pressure, the concentration of pollution in the existing space can be prevented. Finally, the use of a quiet air flow system leads to greater safety and can play a very effective role in reducing pollution.

Use a Quiet Air Flow System

The quiet air flow system is designed and implemented in various forms, among which horizontal air flow systems and vertical quiet air flow can be observed. The design of the quiet air flow system should be such that the spread of pollution does not occur.

Some air conditioners operate in such a way that pathogens and contaminants accumulate in their ducts and may multiply in other areas. Therefore, the design should be such that the growth of pollution is reduced and not spread in the environment.

The quiet air flow system should be designed to be as waterproof as possible and to act as hydrophobic because the absorption of moisture by these systems makes it possible to increase pollution and spread it in the environment. This causes a pathogenic environment to emerge, so a system that is principled must be designed and implemented.

Operating conditions and maintenance of the quiet air flow system must also be properly considered. The quiet air flow system can provide the desired temperature in the desired environment, so the temperature and humidity are standard.

The Purpose of Designing and Implementing a Quiet Air Flow

In fact, proper ventilation to prevent the spread of infections and pollution and the release of clean air is one of the goals of designing and implementing a quiet air flow system for various environments, including hospitals. In addition, the air quality provided by this system is significantly high and can meet the needs of people to have pleasant air. Calm air flow is sometimes considered along with air curtains for special places.

This sensitive place includes the hospital and its different parts, so different solutions are used to make the air flow behave optimally. The cost and complexity of using this method are not high and are one of the new methods to create proper ventilation in the environment. The pattern of laminar air flow in this system is special and causes the air flow not to accelerate and to exist at low speed in the environment.

Finally, the use of air curtains is intended to greatly reduce the possibility of contamination transmission and to increase the sterilization and isolation conditions for each part used.

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