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Visit Hasht Behesht Palace in Isfahan During Iran Tour

The Ceiling of Hasht Behesht Palace
View of Hasht Behesht Palace in Isfahan

The city of Isfahan, which is one of the big cities of Iran today, was once the capital of the Safavids. Many ancient monuments of Iran are located in this city. For this reason, it has gained the reputation of half the world. Isfahan’s Hasht Behesht Palace is one of these historical monuments, the area of which is approximately 1000 square meters.

This building is among the remains of the Safavid era. Hasht Behesht Palace of Isfahan was built in the third year of the Safavid Shah Suleiman’s reign in 1670 and was registered as Iran’s national heritage in 1313. During the Safavid era, three cities, Tabriz, Qazvin, and Isfahan, were chosen as the capital. Because of this, many changes were made in these cities and many palaces were built.

Use of Hasht Behesht Palace in Isfahan

The presence of carpets and wooden planks in this building shows that there was once a school in this building. During the Qajar era, the first school of Isfahan was established in Hasht Behesht Palace under the name of Homayouni School. This school dates back to 1883.

The two-story Hasht Behesht Palace is located in the middle of a large garden called Bulbul Garden. Today, there is not much left of this garden, but its historical monument is still a valuable and interesting monument. There are two stairs between the garden and the mansion, one is in the eastern part of the mansion and the other is in the western part. Each of the stairs has 10 steps.

Researchers believe that during the Safavid era, eight kings lived in this mansion. Four of them lived on the bottom floor and the other four lived on the top floor.

Hasht Behesht Garden, which was created by Shah Ismail Safavi, was connected with Naqsh Jahan Garden in the past. Later, this garden was divided into several parts by Shah Ismail’s successors, including Shah Abbas I, and its connection with Naqsh Jahan Garden was cut off.

Among the remarkable artworks of Hasht Behesht Palace are the paintings on its tiles. Animals, birds, etc. are printed on these tiles. These motifs have made its exterior even more beautiful. This beautiful building, which is built on two floors, has beautiful arches and plenty of decorations. This palace is also known as “Hasht beh Hasht” (8 to 8) and “Eight in Heaven”.

In recent years, Isfahan municipality has designed a luxurious and beautiful park around this palace. Currently, this park is considered one of the famous tourist spots in Isfahan.

Architectural Type of Hasht Behesht Palace

Hasht Behesht Palace, Isfahan
Ceiling decorations of Hasht Behesht Palace

The central part of the palace has four platforms or Sofeh. A Sofeh is called a place like a booth that is a place for several people to sit. Another definition is a roofed summer house. The roof of the Sofeh is decorated with Isfahan’s exceptional architecture. There is a beautiful pond on the north side of this palace. The name of this pond is Pearl. The main platform of this palace was located on the north side and commuting was done from this Sofeh (porch). Today, its eastern side has become the main facade due to the presence of a swimming pool.

The rooms on the first and second floors of this palace have different styles. The four corners of the rooms on the first floor have beautiful patterns depicted on the plaster. These patterns are beautifully painted. The rooms on the second floor have niches and windows that add to their beauty.

All the walls of the room are decorated with mirrors and paintings. Some rooms have a water tank. The ceilings of all rooms are covered with beautiful and special tiles.

Hasht Behesht Palace is decorated with wooden railings and glass containers. Today, there is no trace of these dishes and many of them have been lost. A significant part of these decorations was changed in the Qajar period and another in the Safavid period.

Do not Miss Visiting This Attraction

If you are planning to travel inside Iran and you happen to cross the beautiful city of Isfahan through Iran tours, make sure to visit the Hasht Behesht Palace. The architectural style and decorations of the palace, which date back to Iranian artists of the past, are very spectacular.

Destination Iran recommends you study other “tourist attractions of Isfahan” in order to travel more consciously before traveling to this beautiful city.

The pleasure that comes from watching ancient works is indescribable and cannot be written. Today, a beautiful park has been created by the municipality around the palace. You can rest in the park next to it while visiting the palace.

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