Caspian Coastline Tour (6 days)

Northern Iran equals green lands and seaside. If you plan to travel to Iran for the second time, and would like to see another part of the country, maybe this part makes you acquainted with a different aspect of the nature and people’s lifestyle. “Caspian Coastline Tour” shows you to three provinces of Iran along the Caspian Sea. Here’s the detailed itinerary of this extended tour:

Detailed Itinerary

Tehran – Gorgan – Gonbad Kavus – Namak Abrud – Ramsar – Rasht – Anzali – Masooleh – Tehran

Day 01: Overnight in Gorgan.

Drive to Gorgan. Visit:

  • Bandar Torkman

Transfer to hotel.


Day 02: Overnight in Gorgan.

Check out Turkmen’s lifestyle:

  • Aq Qala
  • Gonbad Kavus (tomb tower)

Transfer to hotel.


Day 03: Overnight in Namak Abrud.

Drive along the Caspian Coastline to Namak Abrud. One the way, visit:

  • Caspian coast villages and towns
  • Motel Qoo Recreation area

Transfer to hotel.


Day 04: Overnight in Ramsar.

Drive to Ramsar. En route, visit:

  • Javaherdeh village

Transfer to hotel.


Day 05: Overnight in Rasht.

Drive to Rasht via Lahijan. Visit:

  • Anzali fish market
  • Anzali lagoon

Transfer to hotel.


Day 06: Overnight in Tehran.

Drive to Tehran. En route, visit:

  • Gilan Village Legacy (Museum of Old Houses)
  • Tea fields
  • Masooleh Village

Proceed to Tehran. Transfer to hotel.

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