Tourist Destinations

Iran Destinations offers Iran tourist attractions with plenty of detailed information about the incredible sights and attractive places all across Iran. There are lots of beautiful places and tourist destinations in Iran to visit and enjoy. Here we have tried to introduce attractive cities of Iran and the most substantial sights inside each one.

Iran Destinations

They are varied and scattered in all corners of Iran. Therefore, we have tried to introduce them in major attractive cities in Iran. Also, you can find a photo gallery of these cities and the main hotels that we recommend.

Attractive Cities

There are lots of interesting cities in Iran. We have tried to begin to make you familiar with the most famous ones first and continue to present other ones.

These tourist destinations are the cities popular among domestic travelers and international ones.

  • Lar Tourist Attractions: Ejdeha Peykar Castle


    Lar is one of the southern cities of Fars Province in Iran. Some Lar tourist attractions are Ejdeha Peikar Castle,…

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  • Kish tourist attractions


    Kish Island is one of the southern islands of Iran in the Persian Gulf. Not only is it an interesting…

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  • Naharkhoran Forest


    Gorgan is the capital of Golestan Province, located in the northeast of Iran. Gorgan historical attractions include historical monuments such…

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  • Khorramabad City


    Khorramabad is a mountainous city with beautiful nature. The small and long rivers boil from the lands and there are…

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  • Bayazid Bastami Tomb Complex


    Bastam is a small town located near Shahrud. It is the burial place of Bayazid Bastami, a great Iranian mystic.…

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  • Iranshahr Tourist Attractions


    Iranshahr is one of the cities of Sistan and Baluchistan Province in Iran. There are a few tourist attractions in…

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  • Konar-Sandal-Mound


    Jiroft is a city known for its 5,000-year-old civilization. It is located in Kerman Province. Some of Jiroft tourist attractions…

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  • Urmia City Hall Building (Municipality Building of Orumiyeh))


    Urmia is famous for Dar-ol Neshat (land of happiness), Paris of Iran, City of Water, City of Religions and Tribes.…

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  • Chabahar Natural Attractions: Chabahar Seaside Road


    Chabahar is the only oceanic port in Iran, and its weather is often vernal. One of the most interesting tourist…

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  • Birjand Historical Attractions: Kolah Farangi Mansion


    Birjand is an amazing city in the eastern part of Iran with lots of historical and natural attractions. It has…

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  • Bandar Abbas Tourist Attractions: Indians Temple

    Bandar Abbas

    Bandar Abbas is the largest port in Iran with several tourist attractions. It is a strategic and commercial center in…

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