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Games in Iran

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Life

According to psychologists, games are means of personal enjoyment and bring about changes in lives. The need to play games in people comes from their need to consume extra energy inside them. Games are also considered social needs internalizing social behaviors and attitudes that institutionalize law and order in players and teach them the essential […]

Chronometry in Iran

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Life

The very precise Iranian chronometry started at Nimrooz (meaning half of day), SE of Iran, on 62 degrees E meridian, at the 6th of April 1725 B.C. It is called Nimrooz, because thousands of years ago ancient Iranians knew when the Sun was setting in the east and rising in the west it was noon […]

Ceremonies in Iran

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Life

Like in any other cultures, since very ancient times, Iranians have also had special occasions to celebrate and revive traditions. Feasts are not necessarily happy gatherings. At times, people gather together to commemorate and honor an event a person, etc. The Categorization of Feasts in Iran Here is a categorization of the gatherings in Iran: […]

Bazaars in Iran (Persian Bazaars)

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Life

Tehran Bazaar

Iranian Bazaars (Persian Bazaars), these very old structures, were first formed as a set of shops at the sides of water streams or rivers in the cities. Later, they were roofed and changed into present forms we see today in some parts of the world. Bazaars can be seen in almost all of old cities […]

Vernacular Structures of Iran

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Arts

Wind Catcher at Aqda

Vernacular structure refers to the structures constructed by the people living in a locality. It is also called architecture without architect. The common factors creating the vernacular architecture in Iranian plateau are climate and accessible constructional materials. The prevailing climate in the region is harshly hot or cold. Most of the time, it is also […]

Tile Working in Iran

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Arts

tile working in Iran

Tile making in Iran dates back at least to 1250 B.C, when Chogha Zanbil temple, a ziggurat, was constructed by Elamites near Susa. Later, during Achaemenians, it was used as a decorative art on the walls. Tile making has been going on till present in various methods like luster-painted tiles, mosaic tiles, polychrome tiles, etc. […]

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